Fairbanks Troopers Recover Stolen Vehicle, Handgun after 13-Year-Old Detained


The Fairbanks-based Alaska State Troopers reported on Wednesday morning that at 3:03 this morning they took a 13-year-old driver into custody temporarily after they observed a vehicle run a red light then run into the curb at University Avenue.

They attempted a traffic stop but the young driver jumped out and attempted to flee on foot. Troopers were able to locate and detain, they report.

An investigation at the scene would determine that the vehicle was reported stolen on Monday. They would find that the 13-year-old driver had been contacted on  March 12th, 2018 when he was a passenger on a stolen snow machine. the investigation also located a black semi-automatic pistol in the vehicle.

Juvenile Probations was contacted and that department requested that the juvenile not be arrested but turned over to his parent and charges forwarded.

AST asks that “If anyone has information on the possible owner of the firearm, please contact Trooper Feuge at: kyle.feuge@alaska.gov