Fairbanks Woman Arrested after Months-Long Crime Run

fugitiveA Fairbanks woman sought by troopers was picked up by Fairbanks police in a separate investigation after she was involved in a a crash hours later, troopers revealed in the trooper dispatch Sunday morning.

Troopers report that they had responded to the scene of an assault involving a knife at 4:35 pm on Saturday. But, when they arrived, they found that 20-year-old Lorinda Combs had already fled the scene. Troopers say that Combs “injured another person in the household with a knife during a physical altercation.”

Fairbanks police arrested Combs several hours later, when she was located as a passenger in a vehicle involved in a collision. She was arrested on several charges that included several charges of Burglary as well as multiple charges of Theft, Vehicle Theft and Theft of Firearms that spanned several months in 2016.

Troopers also charged Combs with Assault II they report.

Combs is being held without bail at the Fairbanks Correctional Center.