Felon Arrested after Shots-Fired near McCarrey and Taku Drive

APD patrol officers on the 5000-block of Taku Drive called in to dispatch at 2:55 am on Wednesday to report hearing shots-fired in the near vicinity. Moments later, the officers heard gunfire again near the McCarrey and Glenn Highway overpass. Right after hearing those shots, they observed two females and a male on the bike path near McCarrey and Taku Drive.

When the officers saw the trio, they, in return saw the officers and turned around and started to walk away. The officers made contact with the females but the male continued to walk away.

Police caught up to the male, later identified as Dylan O. Atchak, age 26, stopped him and queried him about the shots that they had heard. Atchak, despite a bulge on his person that the officers recognized as an outline of a handgun, denied that he had a weapon on his person.

Officers asked Atchak multiple times to place his hands above his head but Atchak kept moving his hands to his waistband where the weapon was concealed. Eventually, Atchak complied and officers took him into custody. During the patdown, officers found a handgun in Atchak’s waistband.

When asked, Atchak gave an ID number not his own. He would go on to provide two more ID numbers that also did not belong to him. When the officers checked Atchak’s wallet, they found two ID cards that did not belong to him. “Ultimately Atchak gave his real name which officers verified,” APD reported.

When Atchak’s identity was put into the computer, police found he was a convicted felon and barred from firearm possession. He was also found to be on conditions of release in two open cases which included assault, firing a weapon in a   dwelling, and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

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Atchak was taken to the department and questioned by investigators then transported him to the Anchorage Jail where he was remanded on charges of Misconduct Involving a Weapon V – Fail to Inform, False Information, two counts of Theft II – Access Device, Misconduct Involving a Weapon III – Felon in Possession, two counts of Violate Conditions of Release, and two counts of Misconduct Involving a Weapon IV – Firing Recklessly. 

The two females were not charged.