Felon Taken into Custody after Shots-Fired Incident on Gambell


The Anchorage Police Department revealed that they took a 32-year-old Anchorage man into custody after a shots-fired incident that targeted officers involved in a traffic stop during Sunday’ s early morning hours.

APD reports that officers on patrol pulled over a red Chevy Malibu driven by Jarel M. Paulk at 12:46 am on Sunday morning. The stop was initiated by a patrol officer after observing Paulk drift over four lanes of traffic before pulling into the parking lot of the First National Bank at 1821 Gambell Street.

A second unit arrived at the scene and a check on Paulk was conducted and found that Paulk lacked insurance and his license was revoked. He was cited for both infractions and was informed that his vehicle was going to be impounded. 

Paulk, and his female passenger began walking away from the scene upset at the turn of events.

At that moment, another vehicle pulled into the lot and officers turned their attention to it. It was then that a shot was fired in the direction of the officers and in response, the officers took cover. That shot fired impacted a nearby tree in the officer’s proximity. As the officers took cover, another shot rang out, fired in their direction.

All available units converged on the scene and a perimeter was quickly set up and a K9 unit deployed. The K9 unit was ultimately unsuccessful in locating the two suspects and the perimeter was dismantled at 2:42 am. No one was injured in the incident and officers did not discharge their firearms.

Over 14 hours would elapse then officers received information on the whereabouts of Paulk and the female at a location in Mountain View. Officers responded to the 300-block of North Bunn and located the two suspects outside on the sidewalk. After Paulk refused to comply to officer commands, a physically combative Paulk was taken to ground and cuffed. Still combative, he was put into full restraints.

Officers would discover the firearm under a vehicle where Paulk had discarded it.

Both Paulk and the female were taken to the department for questioning. After questioning, the female was released while Paulk was charged with two counts of Assault III, Misconduct Involving a WeaponII and III-Felon in Possession, and Resisting Arrest.

He was remanded tot eh Anchorage Jail.