Fifth Texas Blast, Investigators Suspect Serial Bomber

Texas bomb locations. Image-Google Maps
Texas bomb locations. Image-Google Maps

Texas suffered another explosive attack late on Sunday night following four others this month. This newest attack injured one person at a FexEx facility near San Antonio. Preliminary investigations report that the explosive package was headed to Austin.

State and federal investigators are now of the belief that the five bombs are related and suspect a serial bomber is responsible for the mayhem.

This latest bomb is the fifth in a line of bombings that have their known beginnings on March 5th, when the first bomb, left on a doorstep in North Austin, claimed the first victim, 39-year-old Stephen House. It was in a standard-sized box and is believed to have been hand delivered and not sent by courier.

Ten days later, on March 12th, two bombs would go off. The first to go off exploded at 6:44 am. Like the prior bomb, this one too was left on the doorstep, this time in an East MLK neighborhood. This bomb claimed the life of 17-year-old Draylen Mason and injured his mother.

As police were investigating this morning bomb, another blast would injure an elderly Hispanic woman in southeastern Austin.

The fourth bomb would depart from the mode of the first three bombs. This bomb, that went off on March 18th, was apparently left on the side of the road in southwest Austin. It was triggered when two men came upon it while on the road. Both men suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The fifth device went off at a FexEx facility in Shertz, just outside of San Antonio. That blast injured one of the employees.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]While the last two departed from the MO of the first three devices because they were not delivered to doorsteps, and the fifth bomb was different than the previous four because it did not explode in Austin and was the first known to be shipped through a carrier, investigators suspect all are the product of a suspected serial bomber.

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Hundreds of federal investigators are working on the string of bombings.