Florida Man 86’d from 7-11 Dumps Bucketful of Human Waste in Store

41-year-old Damian Simms. Image-St. Petersburg Police Department
41-year-old Damian Simms. Image-St. Petersburg Police Department

St. Peterburg, Florida police say that a man in that community, in an act of reprisal, early on Wednesday, took a bucket of human waste and splattered it all over the floor in a 7-11 convenience store on North Martin Luther King Street.

According to the arrest report and the St Petersburg police, an inebriated 41-year-old Damian Simms went to the convenience store, where he had been trespassed from in May by the store manager, and sloshed human feces and urine all over the floors, splashing merchandise on the shelves. He had retrieved his putrid weapon from a porta-potty shortly before visiting the store.

Police were notified of the incident and shortly, Petersburg police placed Simms under arrest. The store manager, who had the run-in with him in late-May positively identified Simms as the perpetrator. He was also captured on surveillance video carrying out his act of revenge.

Simms, who is a convicted felon, has a lengthy rap sheet that includes burglary; weapons possession; grand theft; animal cruelty; drunk driving; and carrying a concealed weapon convictions. He was charged with trespass and criminal mischief for his act on Wednesday.

Simms is barred from contacting the store manager or entering the store after he is released from jail. His bail is set at $300.