Golovin Street Caller Leads Police to Burglary in Progress

After two separate calls from a female caller, APD took a suspect into custody on burglary charges on Friday morning, according to the APD report.

At 7:15 am on Friday APD dispatch received a call reporting a man on a bicycle casing the neighborhood, jumping fences, and going through yards on the 8900-block of Golovin Street and responded to the scene but were unable to locate the suspect.

Then, two hours later, at 9:07 am, the same caller contacted APD again and reported that the same suspect had forced his way through the front door of a home nearby. The caller told police that she believed that the occupants were not home at the time.

Police responded to the scene again and set up a perimeter. After making announcements to the suspect inside, the suspect, later identified as 47-year-old John D. Linan JR exited the residence and gave himself up.

After checking out the residence, it was determined that no one else was at the home. It was found that Linan had opened packages in the home not belonging to him.

Linan was remanded to the Anchorage Jail on the charge of Burglary I.