Gunman Shoots Soldier, Dies in Shootout in Canada’s Parliament

Canada's Parliament in the aftermath of today's shooting.
Canada’s Parliament in the aftermath of today’s shooting.

As Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper was addressing his conservative party in Canada’s main parliament building on Wednesday, a gunman burst through the doors of the building and ran past the door of the room where the caucus meeting of legislators was taking place.

The gunman, suspected to be Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, had just killed a soldier, identified as  Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who was standing guard at the Canadian War Memorial moments before. Zehaf-Bibeau was being pursued by police when he burst through the doors. Police chased after the gunman, and after approximately 30 shots rang out, the gunman was dead.

According to sources, the man who shot and killed the suspect was the sergeant-at-arms, 58-year-old Kevin Vickers. On Twitter, parliament member Craig Scott said that he and his collegues “owed their safety, even lives,” to Vickers for his actions.

The core of the the Canadian capitol was put on emergency lockdown as police searched for additional gunmen. Members of the parliament were ushered into secure rooms as the scene was playing out.

Canadian police have not yet announced if they suspected further gunmen in the incident, but used Twitter to warn the public to “stay away from the downtown Ottawa area.”

The Ottawa hospital stated that they are treating three individuals for injuries sustained in the incident.

President Obama sent his condolences to Canada and also condemned the attack as outrageous,offering assistance if needed.