Houston Man Dies after Accidental Fall from Ladder

At about noon on Saturday a Houston man was on a ladder about 20 feet above the ground when he fainted and fell to the ground hitting his upper back and neck area when he did so.

64-year-old Dennis Wodkowski was reported to be suffering from breathing problems by his daughter who called 911 to report the accident. During her call to 911, Wodkowski stopped breathing altogether.

Wodkowski’s daughter began CPR and continued her efforts until EMS could arrive on scene and take over efforts.

Despite EMS performing CPR for 37 minutes, utilizing a defibrillator and and administering several cardiac medications, Wodkowski succumbed and was pronounced deceased.

The State Medical Examiner was notified of the man’s death and responded to the scene and took possession of Wodkowsi’s remains for autopsy.

Wodkowski’s next of kin was on scene.

Investigators suspect no foul play in Wodkowski’s dead.