Huge 8.2 Magnitude Gulf of Alaska Earthquake Generates Little or No Wave Action


At 10:15 pm on Wednesday night, residents along the southern coast of Alaska were shaken awake by a huge earthquake that prompted evacuations all along the Aleutian Chain, Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak Island, and the southern Kenai Peninsula.

Concerned citizens headed for higher ground and evacuation centers as sirens wailed in the coastal communities.

The earthquake, despite being one of the largest since the great 1964 earthquake that devastated communities in central Alaska and generated tsunamis that inundated coastal communities throughout the Gulf Coast region, generated little or no waves over one-half foot in height on Wednesday.

Wednesday night’s earthquake was the largest since the 8.7 magnitude February 3rd 1965 Rat Island quake that generated a 33-foot tsunami that caused damage on Shemya, Attu and Amchitka Islands.

Residents were on alert throughout the night as aftershock after aftershock shook the coastal area along the Gulf of Alaska. Aftershocks continued through the night and far into Thursday morning. Those aftershocks continue with over 100 being recorded by the USGS.

Warnings and advisories were canceled by the National Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer by approximately 1:30 am Thursday morning.