Hunter Severly Injured in Gunsight Mountain Bear Attack

At 7 pm on Friday evening, Wildlife Troopers were alerted of a bear attack on a moose hunter in the area of Eureka/Gunsight Mountain area near the Glenn Highway between Palmer and Glennallen.

According to the report, two hunters, while out hunting moose at that location surprised a Brown Bear sow and her two cubs. As bear sows with cubs will do, the bear attacked one of the hunters causing serious injuries.

As the attack was taking place, the second hunter shot the bear bringing the attack to an end. Following the brutal attack, the two hunters were able to make it to a cabin nearby where a LifeMed chopper was called on and evacuated the hunter to a hospital in Anchorage.

Other hunters in the area were able to confirm that the bear was dead.

Following the attack, ADF&G was notified of the incident.