K9 Lenox Captures Fairbanks DUI Suspect after Car Chase

K-9 Lenox. Image-AST
K-9 Lenox. Image-AST

Alaska State Troopers were called in to assist the Fairbanks Police Department in a possible DUI after the suspect failed to pull over for a traffic stop late Monday night, AST said in their report Tuesday morning.

The FPD said that they received a report of a possible DUI at Fairwell Avenue and B Street at approximately 11:30 pm on Tuesday night. When they responded to investigate, they located the suspect vehicle at College Road and the Old Steese Highway and attempted a  traffic stop. Instead of stopping, the vehicle continued on, driving recklessly, with the FPD and AST in pursuit, until it stopped at a residence on Haines Avenue.

When the suspect driver, identified as 54-year-old Gerald Glaudo, exited the vehicle, he was apprehended by K9 Lenox. During the apprehension, Glaudo injured the K9.

As a result of the incident, Glaudo was charged with DUI, Felony Elude, and Harming a Police Dog. 

Prior to being demanded to the Fairbanks Corr4ectional Center, Glaudo was taken to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital to be treated for injuries sustained in his confrontation with K9 Lenox.