Kasilof Man Shoots at Passing Motorist, Arrested for Attempted Murder

roadrageA Kasilof man has been arrested on Attempted Murder charges after an incident on the Seward Highway during the early morning hours of Monday, troopers have revealed.

According to the report made by cell phone at 6:30 am, 39-year-old Nathan Shearer of Eagle River contacted troopers and informed them that he had just been shot at while driving the Seward Highway headed to Soldotna at mile 56.

Shearer reported to troopers that as he passed another vehicle at that location, “he saw a flash, accompanied by a  loud bang then his front right passenger window busted out.” Shearer remained on the cell phone as he continued to Soldotna.

When he arrived in Soldotna, troopers inspected Shearer’s vehicle and found that the bullet indeed broke the passenger window, then traveled in front of Shearer, barely missing him, then exited through the driver’s side window.[xyz-ihs snippet=”adsense-body-ad”]

A search for the suspect vehicle was undertaken by troopers and Soldotna police. The vehicle was found in Soldotna and the driver was contacted, and identified as 22-year-old Doug Pardue.

Troopers interviewed Pardue about the incident. During that interview, Pardue admitted to troopers that he had fired his weapon at Shearer. Troopers did not reveal a motive for Pardue’s actions.

A firearm was seized from the suspect vehicle,” troopers reported. Following the interview,  Pardue was arrested and transported to Kenai, where he was remanded to the Wildwood Pretrial Facility on charges of Attempted Murder I, Misconduct Involving Weapons I and IV, Assault III, Criminal Mischief and Reckless Endangerment. He was held without bail.

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