Knife-Wielding Suspect Taken Down by Double K9s near Burlwood and Dowling


A flag-down of a patrolling officer in the industrial district of Burlwood Street and East Dowling Road resulted in the arrest of a knife-wielding suspect after 10 pm on Monday night, APD said.

The K9 officer flagged down was told by an employee at the location that a person unknown to the employee had threatened him with a knife after being told to leave the business’s property. The suspect, identified as 33-year-old Ryan A. Hunt, was still at the location and was contacted by the officer.

Hunt, who still had the knife in hand, was ordered to drop it. Hunt refused and made verbal threats to the officer, then began to walk away ignoring additional commands issued by the officer.

A swing shift officer arrived on-scene and blocked Hunt’s path while the k9 officer deployed his taser which subsequently had no effect. Hunt sprinted away attempting to make good his escape.

A second K9 officer arrived on the scene and both officers released their canines. K9 Rylin and K9 Mozart successfully took Hunt to ground, but Hunt continued to resist as he was being cuffed. After being successfully taken into custody, Hunt was transported to a local hospital for dog bites to his leg and near his wrist. After being cleared, Hunt was remanded to the Anchorage Correctional Center on charges of Disobey a Lawful Order, Resisting, and two counts of Assault III.