Man Shot During Last Week’s Mountain View Shooting Jailed on Three Unrelated Felony Warrants

40-year-old Milton LeBlanc. Image-FB profiles
40-year-old Milton LeBlanc. Image-FB profiles

The man shot in an altercation on North Park and Peterkin in Mountain View on last Thursday evening, and now publicly identified as 40-year-old Milton LeBlanc, was arrested as he was attempting to leave the hospital against medical advice, Apd reported on Tuesday.

It was last Thursday at 5:20 pm that officers responded to the Mountain View location to find in their investigation that LeBlanc and a female were standing by a Chevy Tahoe when they were approached by a second man who walked up and shot LeBlanc. The woman and LeBlanc got into a red Monte Carlo after the shooter fled on foot, then the woman took LeBlanc to a local hospital and dropped him off then left.

Police believe that the altercation was drug-related.

When LeBlanc was being prepped by hospital staff after he was dropped off, staff would find a loaded handgun with the serial number scratched off in his pocket. Also found on his person were several IDs and credit cards which APD would determine did not belong to him.

 A computer check performed by APD would find that LeBlanc, who is a convicted felon, had two outstanding felony warrants. The same day, APD obtained an additional arrest warrant on charges of “Misconduct Involving a Weapon III (felon in possession), Misconduct Involving a Weapon III (serial number altered), and Theft II,” the department reported.

On Friday night, at 9:20 pm, LeBlanc decided he was leaving the hospital against medical advice. Police were notified and he was apprehended as he was getting out off the elevator attempting to leave the hospital. 

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LeBlanc was transported to the Anchorage Jail where he was remanded on his three felony arrest warrants.

LeBlanc has an extensive criminal history with as many as eight prior felony convictions not counting the three felony charges he now faces. His felony history shows a first conviction in 1996 and continued regularly through to this year.

LeBlanc made the papers in 2013 when he was the subject of an Anchorage Daily News article where he repeatedly gave police the name of another Anchorage man on several police arrests beginning in 2006. 

Mark Bottimore and LeBlanc’s lives would get tangled after LeBlanc was arrested, convicted and served time, and was released in 2005. It was there in jail that Leblanc met Bottimore’s brother and when he got out he began staying at Bottimore’s mother’s residence.

LeBlanc would end up serving time again and once released, he went back to the Bottimore residence to retrieve his alleged belongings. During that time, LeBlanc stole Bottimore’s wallet and all his identification.

In 2006, LeBlanc was arrested during a traffic stop and charged with drug possession and no insurance. He gave police Bottimore’s name and vitals, then bailed out and skipped court resulting in a warrant being issued for his arrest.

In 2007, Mark Bottimore was arrested during a routine traffic stop on the warrant meant for LeBlanc. Bottimore bailed himself out and when he went to the police department to explain that he wasn’t the man the warrant was targetting, was arrested again.

In February of that year, LeBlanc would get into a traffic accident and would again use Bottimore’s identity to bail out for no insurance. He failed to appear in court again and Bottimore went to the department to explain the situation, and while his niece and nephew were with him, he was arrested again.

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LeBlanc would continue committing various crimes that included vehicle theft and other felonies, and continued doing time behind bars. Then on August 2nd, 2013, LeBlanc broke into an AT&T store and stole phones and other equipment. 

LeBlanc was seen on surveillance video from a nearby hotel driving in a car and that car was subsequently pulled over. During the traffic stop, LeBlanc again used Bottimore’s name, date of birth and social security number. 

But when details of the arrest were revealed online, the same niece that was with Bottimore during his previous arrest, saw the article and alerted her uncle to the information that he had been arrested and was in jail. 

Bottimore contacted APD once again and explained who he was and was not the man in custody.

The issue was corrected and LeBlanc would remain in jail and be convicted of Burglary II in a plea deal where the other charges of Theft II, Criminal Mischief III, False Information and Misconduct Involving Weapons were dismissed.

The investigation into the current incident is ongoing and LeBlanc is jailed with his bail set at $25,000. APD continues to seek the Mountain View shooter.

If you have any information about this investigation into the  Mountain View shooting, including surveillance video, please call Dispatch at 311 (option #1) or Crime Stoppers at 907-561-STOP to remain anonymous.