Marion County Thriftway Employee Jailed after Lacing Fellow Workers’ Bean Dip

The Marion County Sheriff’s office revealed that a Thriftway supermarket employee in Jefferson, 15 miles south of Salem, Oregon is being held on $520,000 bail after she was arrested for lacing a bean dip at the business with methamphetamine and giving it to at least two fellow employees to eat at the store.

Police opened the investigation into the case earlier this month against Cassandra Medina-Hernandez, age 38, a felon who had been convicted in 2015 of robbery, assault, delivery of methamphetamine, theft and identity theft, and felon in possession of weapon, after one of her victims fell ill after eating the bean dip.

The investigation found that after lacing the bean dip with meth, Hernandez, who worked in the deli department, told another employee that she had placed the drug into the dip. Hernandez also messaged a second employee to say that she had placed the meth into the dip by accident.

Investigators say that the meth was provided to only employees and that no customers were provided with the contaminated food.

Following the investigation, Hernandez was arrested on Wednesday on charges of “Causing Another Person to Ingest a Controlled Substance x2, Delivery of Methamphetamine x2, and Recklessly Endangerment of another Person.”

She was jailed with her bail set at over a half a million dollars at the Marion County Jail.