McGrath Man Dies while Trying to Pull Vehicle out of Ditch

A Health Aide at the McGrath Clinic called in to the Alaska State Troopers and reported that an 83-year-old man in that community had been hit by a vehicle and was deceased at 2:42 pm on Monday.

Troopers from Aniak flew into McGrath and opened an investigation into the incident and identified the victim as Thomas Coyle.

The investigation revealed that Coyle had driven into a ditch and had gotten stuck. A passerby in another vehicle stopped to assist and offered to pull him out utilizing a tow strap. While the vehicle was being hooked up to the strap the other vehicle lurched backward hitting Coyle and knocking him down. When the driver of the assisting vehicle got out he found Coyle on the ground and contacted health aides who came to the scene.

But, despite assistance, Coyle succumbed to his injuries.

The State Medical Examiner’s office was contacted and they requested that Coyle’s remains be transported to Anchorage for autopsy.

Coyle’s next of kin were notified of his passing.