Mile 45 Sterling Highway Crash Injures One

Mirror contact between two semis on the Sterling highway resulted in a larger accident on the Sterling Highway early Friday morning, 

In winter conditions with snow and blowing snow at mile 45 of the Sterling Highway, a northbound semi hauling a single trailer and a southbound semi hauling double trailers encountered each other too closely on a curve at that narrow portion of the highway, so that, as they passed, the two vehicles clipped mirrors.

The contact caused the Anchorage driver of the northbound trailer to try to take evasive action and the vehicle impacted the guardrail. That initial impact caused the semi to lose control and cross the centerline and crash into a rock wall bordering the southbound lane.

Alaska State Troopers and Cooper Landing EMS responded to the scene minutes before 1 am. The driver of the crashed semi suffered injuries and so was transported to the hospital for treatment of those non-life-threatening injuries.

His semi was towed from the scene.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]