More Information Revealed in Germanwings Crash Investigation

Investigators believe this is an image of Andreas Lubitz, who they say intentionally crashed the Germanwings flight on Tuesday.

Investigators believe this is an image of Andreas Lubitz, who they say intentionally crashed the Germanwings flight on Tuesday.

New information is coming to light in the case of the Germanwings co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, who brought down the commercial airlines killing all 150 people aboard. According to investigators in the case, the incident shows signs of being premeditated.

Investigators looking at the evidence involving the crash, have found that Lubitz had been searching online for information on cockpit security and ways to circumvent that security. According to investigators, Lubitz spend days prior to the crash searching and finding information on the cockpit doors of the aircraft, as well as researching methods of suicide. The information on his searches were found on a computer tablet retrieved from his apartment in Dusseldorf.

Investigators continue to search for clues in the case of the Germanwings flight that went down in the French Alps on March 24, and the second “black box” from the aircraft was recovered from the scene. Investigators are confident that the information stored on that device will reveal more information into the details of the horrific last minutes of the ill-fated flight.

The information on that device is expected to reveal hundreds of parameters from the aircraft as well as any actions taken by the pilot of the aircraft.

Investigators have also gleaned more information into the final days of the co-pilot blamed for the incident. They have revealed that Lubitz had spent the weeks before shopping for doctors as he worked to deal with what investigators are calling suicidal tendencies. Investigators say that Lubitz saw no less than five doctors. At least one of those doctors gave Lubitz a “not fit for work” notice that was required to be given to the airlines, but was not. In connection with that notice, Lubitz was also given several prescriptions for serious medication that would critically impair Lubitz. It would seem that Lubitz did not take that medication as a pilot that had flown with Lubitz the day before and he appeared “completely normal” according to investigators.

The security measures concerning the doors were strengthened following the events of September 11th, 2001.

A reported video taken by a passenger is reported to have been revealed to several news agencies showing the last moments of the flight, and the panic involved, but investigators have yet to state what if anything is on the chip that is suspected to have come from a cell phone.

All of the human remains from the horrific crash are believed to have been retrieved, and DNA analysis is being used to positively identify the victims.