Mountain View Holiday Station Robber Apprehended after Citizen Call Tuesday Morning


APD on Tuesday credited an alert citizen for the apprehension of a Holiday gas station robber that police were actively seeking.

Anchorage police responded to a robbery call at the Holiday station at 4627 Mountain View Drive at 2:16 am Tuesday morning. Officers found during the initial investigation that the suspect, later identified as 29-year-old Deshalon B. Jelks had entered the establishment and proceeded to hide items from the store on his person. When confronted by an employee, Jelks gave up the merchandise and was asked to leave.

Outside the store, Jelks and the employee got involved in a confrontation and Jelks pulled out a long screwdriver, but, then left the area. The employee told police that he felt threatened by Jelks’ actions and feared he would be harmed. No injuries occurred.

20 minutes later, at 2:36 am, while police were still processing the scene at the station, a citizen called in to report a trespasser, who they described and also told officers that the suspect was armed with a long screwdriver. Recognizing that the description matched that of their suspect, officers from the Holiday station responded to the location on the 300-block of North Park Street.

When they arrived at the location, officers spotted Jelks in the entryway of an apartment building and gave him commands to step out into the open. Jelks complied and police attempted to take him into custody. During the process, Jelks resisted the officers and had to be taken to ground by force.

Jelks continued to struggle as he was placed into the back of the patrol vehicle and once inside began hitting his head against the window, APD said. When threatened with full-body restrains, Jelks settled down for a while, but while being further transported, Jelks kicked out the rear driver’s side window. The officers pulled over and placed Jelks in full restraints.

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The rest of the transport continued without incident.

Jelks was remanded to the Anchorage Correctional Facility on charges of Robbery I, Theft IV, Criminal Mischief III, and two counts of Resisting.

Vinelink shows Jelks remains in custody.