Mountain View Noise Complaint Results in Multiple Charges against Anchorage Man


Anchorage police revealed on Monday that a loud noise complaint on Friday morning resulted in one man being charged with multiple counts that included DUI, Assault, and Weapons charges.

A caller in Mountain View called in the complaint at 1:29 am on Friday reporting loud music terminating from a party on the 1500-block of LaTouche Street. Investigating officers spotted a tan 2005 Jeep parked on the side of the road with loud music playing. The officer pulled his vehicle behind the Jeep and approached it on foot. But, as he was doing so, the driver of the Jeep, later identified as Patrick Tauanuu, age 31, began driving forward.

The officer used his flashlight to gain Tauahuu’s attention, then made contact with the driver. The officer reported that as he was speaking with Tauanuu, he observed an open bottle of alcohol and a handgun on the passenger’s seat next to the driver. The officer gave commands to Tauanuu which were ignored and the driver took off suddenly, striking the officer’s arm.

Tauanuu sped away, blew through a stop sign and crossed all lanes of traffic on 15th. The officer broadcast a locate for the Jeep on the radio. 15 minutes later, the Jeep was located unoccupied at a residence on North Bunn Street and officers called Tauanuu on the phone.

Tauanuu soon stepped outside but did not obey any further commands. It was not until K9 commands were given that the suspect complied and was taken into custody.

After questioning, Tauanuu was remanded to the  Anchorage Correctional Facility on charges of Assault III, OUI, Fail to Stop I, Misconduct Involving a Weapon III – Felon in Possession, and Misconduct Involving a Weapon IV – Drunk in Possession.

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