New Stuyahok Man Gets His Way, Goes to Jail

A New Stuyahok man who demanded he be arrested and taken to jail, got his way on Tuesday night.

At approximately 8:20 pm, the Village Public Safety Officer in New Stuyahok received a VHF report of an assault at a residence in that village. The VPSO responded to the location and made contact with 28-year-old Olgarth Gumlickpuk. Gumlickpuk insisted that he be taken to jail “without probable cause,” the trooper dispatch reported on Thursday.

The VPSO reported that “Olgarth had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person, and heavily slurred speech.” the VPSO reported that he returned to his vehicle. But Gumlickpuk followed the officer to the vehicle, opened up the driver’s side door and began shaking the VPSO violently. Then the VPSO, who was “scared and didn’t know what Olgarth was doing,” was punched in the left side of the face by Gumlickpuk.

Gumlickpuk was subsequently arrested, charged with Assault IV, and transported to the cell at the VPSO’s office.Later in the night, Gumlickpuk was let out of the cell to use the restroom. When finished, apparently having a change of heart about his arrest, Gumlickpuk refused to return to his cell. Two VPSOs used force to return him to his cell the trooper dispatch revealed. During the incident, one VPSO sprained his ankle

Gumlickpuk was ultimately charged with two counts of Assault IV. He was transported to Dillingham, where he was remanded to jail.