Nikiski Woman Trampled by Moose when approaching Calf in Distress

Alaska Wildlife Troopers advised the public that “calving season is fully underway throughout much of Alaska, never approach a calf moose or come between a cow and calf moose,” after a moose trampling incident was reported in Nikiski on Monday evening.

According to the report, residents in the area of the trampling reported seeing a sow without a calf for a few days. then on Monday morning, a newborn calf was seen lying between 51-year-old Crystal Cook’s fence and an RV on the property. Throughout the day the calf’s mother was seen on the other side of the fence and the calf was calling out in distress.

When Cook moved toward the calf later in the day in an effort to get the calf to move, the mother jumped the fence and knocked Cook to the ground, and began trampling her. Following the attack, the mother and calf moved off into a wooded lot adjacent to Cook’s property and was not seen again.

Cook was treated at the scene for her injuries and ultimately transported to an Anchorage hospital for further treatment.