Noorvik man Jailed on Assault/Weapons Charges Monday


Alaska State Troopers responded to the community of Noorvik at 10 am on Monday and arrested one man there on assault and weapons charges, they said Tuesday.

According to the report, the VPO in Noorvik reported that a man there, identified as 33-year-old Floyd Mulluk, had fired shots during an altercation earlier that morning. The VPO informed troopers that they had broken up a fight and instructed Mulluk to leave the area during the early morning hours only to be called back on a second call in response to another altercation between the same individuals, but this time, Mulluk had fired several rounds from a rifle during the fight.

Troopers responded to Noorvik at 10 am, and following an initial investigation, placed Mulluk under arrest on charges of Assault III and Misconduct Involving Weapons II and IV.

He was transported to Kotzebue and remanded to the Kotzebue Regional Jail on the charges.