2 Responses to Oil Taxes Up Next

  1. goforoil

    Jul 3, 2017 at 10:34 pm

    Alaska needs more oil investment and now is the time to support it and not kill Alaska’s future with HB 111.

  2. RayMetcalfe

    Jul 4, 2017 at 4:23 am

    Show me the numbers Pete. I’m gonna call BULL —- on that 77% figure. — Alaska doesn’t have a budget problem; Alaska has a bribery problem and a few very gullible legislators. Alaska allows oil companies to take a fair payment for their services from Alaska’s net oil production revenues plus Alaska allows the oil companies to keep 90% of the net profits; profits far in excess of what oil companies get anywhere else in the world. The big three are making about $17 per barrel plus cost of production and delivery from our North Slope oil. BP and Exxon have contracts with governments not nearly as friendly as us to produce their oil for cost of production and delivery, plus $1 per barrel. This year Alaska is giving away about $2.5 billion dollars that should be put in the pockets of us Alaskans who own the oil. Ten years ago I helped the FBI bust six legislators for taking bribes in exchange for their vote to give Alaska’s oil away. For six years the oil companies lost control and Alaska saved up $16 Billion; that’s the savings this Legislature is once again reaching into to cover the deficit Alaska has because we, once again are giving our oil away. Alaska doesn’t have a budget problem; Alaska once again has a bribery problem.