One Arrested, One Sought in Robbery at Knifepoint Near Delaney Park


Caller phoned in to the Anchorage Dispatch that as he and his friend were sitting at the corner of 14th and B Streets on Tuesday night, two suspects approached them and demanded his bicycle. 

When officers arrived, the victim told them that the suspect had a “had a scooter and the other had a longboard.” The suspects raised the scooter and longboard above their heads in a menacing manner and demanded the bicycle. The victim, when attempting to take his bike back had a knife pulled on him.

Because of the officer’s prompt response, the suspects were still in the area when they arrived. The victim pointed them out down the street as they were running away. Officers gave chase as the suspects ran across an empty lot on A Street. One suspect discarded the bicycle as the second suspect, later identified as 19-year-old Craig Lane dropped his scooter as he continued to flee.

Officers soon caught up with Lane, who took the knife out of his pocket and threw it to the ground and complied with orders from the officers. The investigation found that Lane had two outstanding warrants issued out of Kotzebue and so was jailed on those and new charges of Robbery I and Assault III.

Police report that they have the tentative identity of the second suspect who was not apprehended at the scene. Police say that “Once that identity has been confirmed, a warrant will be obtained for his arrest.”