Palmer Man Trapped on Tanana River Logjam Rescued by Whitestone Community Rescue Boat


Early Monday afternoon at 1:09 pm, a report came in from a Palmer man whose son was trapped on a logjam in the middle of the Tanana River after a kayaking mishap, troopers reported.

According to the victim’s father, 69-year-old Erin Brunquist, his son, Christien Brunquist, age 42, was in his kayak when he got pinned against the jam. The current pulled the kayak under the jam, but the victim was able to free himself and climb onto the jam.

Erin reported that he too had been pinned but was able to free himself and paddle to shore.

“A rescue boat from the Whitestone Community Association was requested to assist with the rescue and was able to pick-up both victims and their gear,” AST reported. The duo was transported to the Tanana River Boat Landing where a Delta Medical Transport was waiting to treat their minor injuries.