Search for Accused Pennsylvania Cop-Killer Enters Tenth Day

The search for 31-year-old accused cop-killer Eric Frein is now in its 10th day.
The search for 31-year-old accused cop-killer Eric Frein is now in its 10th day.

Pennsylvania State Police are confident that they are close on the trail of the man suspected of killing a state trooper and wounding another outside a trooper barracks in Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania.

The search for 6-foot-one, 165 pound Eric Frein has entered the tenth day. On Sunday, searchers in the man-hunt found an AK-47 and two clips for the weapon during their search through the woods near the barracks. Authorities do not yet know if the weapon was the gun used to take the life of Cpl. Bryon Dickson and wounding Trooper Alex Douglas.

31-year-old Frein, who has now been placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, is a self taught survivalist who has an animosity for police and law enforcement.  Police do not believe that he has gotten any assistance from anyone and and do not think he has contacted any members of his family. They believe Frein has covered fifteen to twenty miles since the shooting incident earlier this month.

It is believed that Frein had been planning the attacks for months and perhaps even years according to authorities.

The “shelter in place” order that had previously been initiated in the Pocono Mountains has been lifted. Police do not believe that Frein has any intentions of harming civilians and is focusing on police and other law enforcement officials.

In the past, Frein has participated in military re-enactments and also played the role of a concentration camps survivor in a 2007 film and has worked with another World War I documentary as a props and reference expert.

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Authorities believed that Frein is armed with at least a scope-equipped .308 rifle. Frein’s father discovered the AK-47 and .308 rifle missing from his residence during a search of home by state police.