Search for Overboard Ugashik River Fisherman Continues

The Public Safety Officer in Pilot Point called the United States Coast Guard to report a man who was lost after falling overboard from a fishing vessel on the Ugashik River on Thursday.

According to the report on the trooper dispatch, 25-year-old Grant Hildreth Jr was working aboard the F/V Cape Greg when he fell overboard at approximately 4 pm on Thursday. Troopers say, “Crew members attempted to get a flotation device to Hildreth, but Hildreth went under the water and has not been seen since.”

Hildreth himself was not wearing any personal flotation device.

The Coast Guard responded and opened an active search for Hildreth along with other vessels in the area. Thus far, they have not located the victim.

The search continues.

Hildreth’s family has been notified of the situation.

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