Second Fairbanks Motorist/Officer Shootout in Two Days

image28-04-2014 14.44.40For the second time in two days, shots have rang out as troopers have attempted to pull over motorists in Fairbanks. In this most recent, this morning at just after 9 am, one occupant is dead and another wounded.

Troopers reported that they had attempted to pull over a vehicle at Cushman Street and the Robert Mitchell Expressway for failing to use their turn signal at 9:01 am, but “the vehicle immediately began eluding” them, troopers stated in the trooper dispatch.

Within minutes of the initiation of pursuit, troopers reported shots fired from the two occupants of the fleeing vehicle. More troopers, as well as Fairbanks Police joined the pursuit, and tire deflation devices were deployed to no effect.

When the vehicle finally came to a stop at Dennis and Bradways Roads, shots rang out again as the two suspects in the vehicle exchanged fire with officers. By 9:38 am, the “active situation” was over, troopers said.

No troopers or Fairbanks officers were injured in the incident.

The investigation has been taken over by the Alaska Bureau of Investigation.

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