Six in Texas Killed in High-Speed Chase

Six people were killed in a high-speed chase in Texas on Sunday night.
Six people were killed in a high-speed chase in Texas on Sunday night.

A high-speed chase in Texas ended in tragedy on Sunday night in the community of League City.

Six people were killed after a high-speed chase by police that exceeded speeds of 100-miles-per-hour.

The chase began at 8:20 pm  Sunday night in Dickenson when police there observed a Dodge Durango swerving on the road and traveling with its headlights off.

Instead of stopping for police, the driver of the vehicle, identified as 23-year-old Juan Garcia Ahuezoteco sped off from the scene. In an investigation after the incident the investigators surmised that Ahuezoteco was fleeing the authorities because be had a felony warrant issued for his arrest on the original charge of DUI.

During the initial chase, Ahueziteco hit another vehicle, but continued fleeing police. But, it was different in the second accident that took place a short time later. As Ahuezoteco ran through a stop sign, he crashed into a Honda Accord at the intersection of Deats and Ohio Street. The impact killed a family of four in the Accord as well as Ahuezoteco and his cousin, ALejandro Molina, who was a passenger in the Durango.

41-year-old Rafael Guererro, his wife 38-year-old Alejandra Guererro, their 15-year-old son and Rafael’s brother, 25-year-old Giberto Ortega Jr were killed in the Accord.

After striking the Accord, the Durango continued on, crashing into a power pole disrupting power to approximately 100 homes.

The name of the pursuing Dickenson police officer was not released by the department.