Six Nabbed in Five Hours in Separate Salvation Army Burglary Responses


From just before 10 am until just before 2 pm, APD logged six burglary arrests at the Dimond Boulevard Salvation Thrift Store on Sunday.

The first call went in to dispatch at 9:56 am on Sunday reporting “three suspects were inside a fenced yard and going through a Conex and other items” outside the store at 501 East Dimond. When officers arrived, they observed two females exiting the yard that was posted with “No Trespassing” signs and get into a vehicle.

APD made contact with the three individuals in the vehicle and identified them as 27-year-old Amanda J. Karper, 31-year-old Jessica M. Evans, and 43-year-old Quentin S. Campbell. All three were charged with Burglary II and remanded to the Anchorage Jail.

90 minutes after the first call, police were again notified that there was a person attempting to break into the building. When they arrived, they found 40-year-old Gilbert Gallegos in the fenced yard. He was arrested on trespassing charges. He had failed to make entry into the building or the conex on the property.

Then, 45 minutes later, at 12:13 pm, patrol officers were flagged down and informed that they had seen a man, later identified as 34-year-old Brandon Critchett, running away from the thrift store with a pair of skis. Officers caught up to the fleeing suspect and ordered him to stop. Critchett ignored the commands and continued his flight.  

“After shedding some of his clothing Critchett ran into Red Robin with a stolen sign, put the sign in the restroom, and then sat down at a booth in the restaurant in an attempt to avoid capture,” APD stated. The ploy didn’t work and Critchett was placed under arrest. The sign, skis, and Critchett’s clothing were gathered up. The officers would find a baggie of meth in the jacket pocket. 

Critchett was charged with Burglary II, Theft IV, and Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance V and remanded to the  Anchorage Jail.

Officers repaired the fence with zip ties in order to discourage further entry.

90 minutes later, at 1:46 pm, yet another call went into APD dispatch reporting that a person had cut the zip ties from the fence at the thrift store and had entered the conex. Officers responded and crawled through the hole in the fence. They confronted 50-year-old Timothy Kilgore who was still inside the conex. Kilgore gave himself up and was transported to the Anchorage Jail on charges of Burglary II.

Sunday is the only day of the week that the thrift store is normally closed for business, but the establishment has been closed down since the November earthquake that struck the Anchorage area.