Stand-Off with Anchorage Burglar Comes to Successful End with no Injuries

Anchorage police report that the stand-off between a burglar suspect and SWAT on the 6200-block of Petersburg Street just south of Dowling came to a close at 5:50 pm on Wednesday evening after he emerged from the building following less lethal and gas warnings were made by APD.

The standoff began after APD was informed at 1:16 pm of a possible burglary was in progress in a residence at the Peterburg address. Upon arrival at the location, police were told that one of the burglars was possibly armed with a handgun. Contact with the two suspects was attempted but failed and Crisis Negotiators and SWAT were called to the scene of the abandoned apartment-style building.

A perimeter was set up and Petersburg was closed off to traffic between Dowling and 64th.

At 3:31 pm, one of the suspects exited the building and gave himself up to authorities, while the other, identified as Loi T. Olomua, age 35, remained in the building.

Continued attempts were made to initiate contact with Olomua without success and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Once armed with the warrant SWAT made less lethal/gas warnings. At 5:50 pm, Olomua exited the structure. He was taken to the department for questioning. 

Police would find that the handgun Olomua was seen with was in fact a black BB gun made to look like a real gun. They would also find that the green Ford Explorer that the two arrived at the building in was reported stolen on June 14th from the A Street/Benson area.

“Olomua was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on the charges of Burglary I, Resisting Arrest, Vehicle Theft I, Theft II, Violate Conditions of Release, and Assault III,” the department stated.

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