Suffering Fuel Issues Aircraft makes Emergency Landing on Road Outside of Fort Wainwright

Location of Monday evening's emergency landing. Image-Google Maps
Location of Monday evening’s emergency landing. Image-Google Maps

An aircraft piloted by Malcolm Martin of North Pole had to make an emergency landing after encountering fuel problems outside of Fort Wainwright on Monday evening.

Fairbanks-based troopers were notified by the U.S Army Air Traffic Control unit located at Fort Wainwright, that an aircraft made an emergency landing at the intersection of Badger Road and Lakloey Drive at just before 7 pm. They immediately responded to the area and opened an investigation. 

They stated in their report that “the pilot/lone occupant, Malcolm Martin, of North Pole had issues with his fuel that caused the engine to cease operation.” No injuries were reported.

An aircraft mechanic responded to the intersection and thoroughly inspected the aircraft and deemed it safe to fly. At 7:51 pm troopers closed off a section of Badger Road and the aircraft was soon able to take off from the road.

FAA was notified of the incident.