Suspect Arrested in Friday’s Muldoon Assault Case


Anchorage police investigating the assault that took place on the 2100-block of Muldoon Road credit a witness who contacted the department and advised them that they possibly knew the person responsible APD said.

APD investigators went to an address on the 2200-block of Muldoon and made contact with the person identified as 18-year-old Robert D. Gonangnan-Melgreen. He was taken to the department for questioning. After he was positively identified as the suspect in the assault, he was remanded to the Anchorage jail.

It was at 6:36 pm on Friday evening that the assault was reported to police. They responded to the scene on Muldoon and found that a woman was walking behind the St Patrick’s Parish at 2111 Muldoon when the suspect came up behind her and placed his hand across her neck and covered her mouth with the other.

The victim managed to scream and it was heard by persons nearby. Those persons yelled at the suspect who in turn, ran away towards the nearby trailer park. The victim reported no injuries.

A K9 track was initiated but was unsuccessful.

Gonangnan-Melgreen was charged with Assault II and III and arraigned in Superior Court on Sunday.

Vinelink shows he remains in custody at the Anchorage Correctional Complex.