Suspect in Shots-Fired Investigation Shot at Lake Otis and Tudor Friday

On Friday morning, Anchorage police responded to a residence on the 100-block of Bunnell Street to investigate a shots-fired call.

APD opened a preliminary investigation upon arrival at 4:48 am that found that a domestic dispute broke out and during the fight and the suspect produced a handgun that he discharged. Police say no one was injured by the gunfire. After discharging his weapon, the suspect left the scene with an elementary school-aged juvenile, got into a gray Nissan Pathfinder and drove away.

APD began looking for the suspect’s vehicle and located it at 6:29 am in the Lake Otis Parkway/Tudor Road area. Officers exited their vehicles to investigate and found the vehicle unoccupied. They spotted the suspect with his handgun and the juvenile, crossing westbound over Lake Otis parkway. APD attempted contact and issued commands which the suspect ignored.

The suspect continued to the parking lot on the  other side of the roadway and officers could see that he was still armed with the handgun and it appeared “the juvenile was used as a human shield,” officers said. Cammands were again issued and in response, the suspect pointed his firearm at officers and an officer discharged their weapon hitting him in the midsection. The juvenile was uninjured.

The suspect was taken into custody and transported to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Witnesses stayed at the scene to provide statements.

APD declined to reveal the suspect’s identity pending the filing of charges.

The Office of Special Prosecutions is reviewing the officer’s use of force to determine justification and Internal Affairs is reviewing if their was any violation of policies. The officer who discharged their weapon was placed on four-day administrative leave as per department policy.


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