Teller Man who Killed Barrow Man was out on Parole for Previous Death

It has been revealed that the Teller man accused of stabbing to death 31-year-old William Johnson of Barrow, had previously been convicted of Criminally Negligent Homicide for the death of a seven-month-0ld infant that occurred in October of 2008.

43-year-old Frank David “Punchy” Lee had been convicted of that charge after agreeing to a plea deal in 2010 that tabled dual charges of Murder II against him in the Shaken Baby case where infant, Harley Dickson died.

In the current case against him connected to the death of Johnson, it was reported that after Johnson and Lee got into an argument outside of Lee’s home, Lee went inside of his residence and returned with a knife in each hand. He then proceeded to stab Johnson in the chest, killing him. After stabbing Johnson, Lee took the other knife and stabbed himself in the abdomen, the trooper report stated.

Alaska State Trooper Timothy Smith responded to the community at 4:30 am on Friday, July 14th. Smith escorted Lee on a medevac flight to Anchorage for treatment of his self-inflicted wounds.

Lee was later arrested on a $100,000 warrant. He faces a charge of Murder I. Lee was arraigned in Anchorage on July 17th and his file was sent to Nome, where he is to appear on the afternoon of July 27th.

Lee, at the  time of the stabbing incident, was on parole for the prior death of Harley Dickson.[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]