Texas’s Notorious ‘Tourniquet Killer’ Set to Die by Lethal Injection Today

Convicted rapist/murderer, Alan Shore is set to die today by lethal injection in Texas. Image -Texas Corrections
Convicted rapist/murderer, Anthony Shore is set to die today by lethal injection in Texas. Image -Texas Corrections

Barring any last-minute legal action, Texas’s notorious “Tourniquet Killer,” 55-year-old Anthony Allen Shore will become the seventh Texas inmate to die by lethal injection on Wednesday night.

Years after the murder of 21-year-old Maria del Carmen Estrada in 1992, was convicted for her strangulation death and sexual assault, following a DNA match of evidence found under her nails. It was the 1998 convictions of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old and a 13-year-old that led to his undoing when his DNA was submitted to the  state database, and five years later was matched to Shore.

When arrested for Estrada’s rape and murder, while on probation for the sexual assault of two of his relatives, Shore confessed to investigators that he had also raped and killed three Hispanic juveniles, that included nine-year-old Diana Reboller, and two teen aged girls, Laurie Tremblay, age 15, and 16-year-old Dana Sanchez.

Shore called in to the Houston television station KPRC and spoke to the tip-line there and told them, “I have a tip for you. There’s a serial killer on the loose.” He then proceeded to tell them where Sanchez’s body was at, and other details as to how the body was positioned. During the 40-minute call, he also told the station about other murders.[xyz-ihs snippet=”adsense-body-ad”]Shore went to trial in 2004 for Sanchez’s murder and during the trial, he admitted to the three other slayings. Three other women came forward and testified to their rapes by Shore. He was convicted of capital murder. Following his conviction, Shore told the jury that he wanted the death penalty.

This year, a federal appeals court turned down his appeal of his death penalty, then, two weeks ago, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review his case. Shore’s attorneys filed a clemency petition on his behalf to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. That petition was rejected by the board on Monday.

Shore gained the name “Tourniquet Killer,” for the method he used to kill Estrada and his other victims. He used window blind cord to strangle her before dumping her body in the drive-thru lane of a  Dairy Queen. He used similar methods with his other victims.