This Day in Alaska History-August 6th, 1920

By the time the fire that swept through the Straits Packing cannery on August 6th, 1920 was finally out, it was reported that only a lone bunkhouse building was left standing.

The southeast Alaska cannery, was originally constructed for Gustav and Company in 1911, and was sold to Straits Packing prior to the 1920 fire.

Two full machinery lines were destroyed as was the 27,000 cases of salmon that had already been processed. 

The cannery had intended to rebuild in time for the 1921 salmon season but it would not be completed until 1923.

In 1930 the cannery would be leased to United Salmon Packers, then Skowl Arm Packers leased it in 1932, then Deep Sea Canning on 1933. It was closed down in 1937.