Toilet Paper Wipes Away Uniontown Man’s Alibi

Damning evidence against Eric Frey. Image-Uniontown police
Damning evidence against Eric Frey. Image-Uniontown police

A Uniontown man’s toilet paper wiped away his alibi after a fouled up robbery attempt in Uniontown, Pennsylvania on Saturday.

A police report from that city stated that 29-year-old Eric Frey walked into the Michael Maria’s Pizza Parlor at 7:40 pm on Saturday and handed the counter-person there a stick-up note written on a scrap of toilet paper, in black pen, with the words “Don’t turn around. I have a gun. Give me $300 now.” Frey told the counter-person, that his accomplice was waiting just outside and would come in if things didn’t go as planned.

But, instead of quickly giving him the cash, an employee tripped the alarm and police rapidly responded to the establishment. The would-be robber was still there when they arrived.

When authorities questioned Frey, Frey told the cops that he had been forced to do the robbery by a man who was in a nearby alley. He told police that a “large black man with a beard and his face covered with a hoodie.” ordered him to rob the pizzeria and bring back the cash or he would shoot him.

But, the responding police didn’t buy that story and asked Frey if they could “go to his apartment and see his bathroom and toilet paper…to check to see if his toilet paper matched that of the one used in the robbery attempt.” Frey complied, telling the officers he had nothing to hide.

When the officers and Frey got to Frey’s apartment, police looked into the man’s bathroom and found a newly opened pack of toilet paper sitting on the table along with a roll of tp with the exact wording of the robbery note indented into the roll. Alongside the tp was a black pen matching the ink used in the note.

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With that evidence, police tossed the apartment to find 91 grams of weed, a bong, and a needle and spoon with drug residue on them.

Frey was taken to the Fayette County Jail where he was remanded on charges of Robbery, Theft, and four drug counts. His bail was set at $25,000.