Troopers Retrieve Abandoned Gillnet with Fish, Owner Issued Citation

Gillnet with salmon. Image-NOAA Fisheries

Gillnet with salmon. Image-NOAA Fisheries

It was reported on Monday by the Alaska State Troopers that a Alaska Fish and Wildlife Trooper located an abandoned 10-fathom subsistence net on the Yukon River last week. 

When troopers checked the 10-fathom, four in mesh gillnet, they found that it also had an unmarked buoy.

When they retrieved the net, they found that it contained eight King Salmon, two Dog Salmon, a Red Salmon and 42 other species of fish in it.

Troopers reported that all of the fish in the net were “rotten and mushy to the touch, making them unfit for human consumption,”

The investigation opened by troopers would discover that the net belonged to Mountain Village man 24-year-old Alexander Beans. 

Beans was issued a citation for waste of salmon and was given a court day of July 7th in St Marys District Court.