UPDATE:Troopers Seek Identity of Body Found Floating in Tongass Narrows

at seaAlaska State Troopers stated on Sunday that they still had not gotten a positive ID on the remains of a man who was found floating in the Tongass Narrows on Saturday.

Troopers responded to the location in the Tongass Narrows at 6:43 pm on Saturday and retrieved a body found floating in the Narrows. The body was brought to shore but, troopers were unable to identify the identity of the deceased man.

The State Medical Examiner’s office in Anchorage was notified of ┬áthe discovery in Southeast Alaska, and the remains were transported to Anchorage for autopsy.

Authorities are asking the public for assistance and ask that anyone with information in the case to contact the Alaska State Troopers in Ketchikan at 907-225-5118.

UPDATE:Alaska’s State Medical Examiner’s Office has identified the man as 63-year-old Harris Hunter Wood of Ketchikan.