Troopers Seek Info on Discarded Dall Sheep Remains in Healy

image11-02-2015 11.14.34Cantwell-based troopers are asking the public for assistance and information. After discovering Dahl sheep carcasses in Healy on Friday.

At 4:30 PM on Friday afternoon, Alaska Wildlife Troopers from the Cantwell post, received a report about sheep carcasses dumped into Dry Creek below. This cement bridge in Healy.

When troopers arrived at the scene they found two black, heavy-duty trash bags with small sheep carcasses inside. “The horns, capes, and guts were not with the carcasses,” the trooper dispatch reported. Troopers say “the carcasses were poorly butchered, cutting through back straps, and leaving tenderloins on the back bone as well as large amounts of meat left of the four quarters, and the rib cage meet was fully intact.”

It was reported that the close of the animals indicated that they were either very small rams or ewes. Troopers say that it is possible that the sheep were taken from a location easily accessible by a vehicle, and relocated someplace in the Healy area.

The Cantwell post is asking anyone with information to call Wildlife Safeguard at ?(800)478-3377.

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