Troopers Warn Public of Warrant Phone Scam

Alaska State Troopers are warning Alaskans to be aware of a phone scam where an individual calls his intended victim and identifies himself as an Alaska State Trooper, of various names and rank, and informs the callee, that they have active warrants for their arrest, in this case for contempt of court.

In this scam, that has been reported in Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks, the caller tells the callee that they can pay the fine to him, and may ask that the callee meet them at an AST Post, and even provides a call back number.

In a recent complaint on Monday, the scammer called, and after identifying himself as a trooper, told the person who answered the phone that his brother had a warrant for his arrest and that the brother owed money.

AST are stating to the public, that “Troopers will NOT ask for payment over the phone or offer to negotiate for reduced payment in lieu of arrest.” Further, troopers provided a link to the public, where you may check if you have a warrant for your arrest with AST, that link is:[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]