Trump to Boycott Thursday’s Iowa Debate

Donald Trump has announced that he will be boycotting tomorrow's Republican debate in Iowa. Image-Screengrab, Trump Campaign vicdeo
Donald Trump has announced that he will be boycotting tomorrow’s Republican debate in Iowa. Image-Screengrab, Trump Campaign vicdeo

Saying that he does not think that he will be treated fairly by Megyn Kelly of Fox News, Donald Trump has announced that he will boycott Thursday’s Republican debate that is taking place just four days from the Iowa party caucuses. 

“He will not be participating in the Fox News debate on Thursday” said campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, she continued saying, “it’s not under negotiation.”

Trump, the billionaire real estate developer who leads the list of contenders for the Republican presidential nomination nationally,has been going head-to-head with Kelly since an August Republican debate when she asked him why he had made denigrating remarks about women through the years. In the days following that debate Trump would anger Republicans and Democrats alike when he suggested that Kelly had been menstruating while moderating the debate.

Prior to his announcement that he was boycotting the debate in Iowa, Trump had asked Fox news to drop Kelly from the moderators roster. Fox news refused to bow to Trump’s demands.

Instead, Trump says that he will hold separate event to generate money for veterans wounded in action. “We’ll have an event here in Iowa, with potentially another network, to raise money for Wounded Warriors and Fox will go from having probably 24 million viewers for the debate to, you know, 2 million viewers,” Lewandowski announced.

Millions of viewers nationwide have tuned in to watch the debates as the former reality television host has taken on fellow Republican candidates for the nomination to the highest political seat in America. It remains to be seen if his boycott of the Des Moines debate will affect voters in Iowa or reduce viewership of the event.[xyz-ihs snippet=”adsense-body-ad”]

Trump has made it known that he believes the networks raised their advertising rates for the past debates primarily because he was appearing in them.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who is Trump’s closest contender in the polls, responded to the news of Trump’s boycott by calling him a “Ducking Donald,” and saying, “I think it’s because he’s afraid to defend his record, that he knows he can’t defend his record, and he’s trying to hide from the voters of Iowa,” Cruz said. “He’s not willing to stand up and explain why he supports Bernie Sanders-style, full-on socialized medicine, expanding ObamaCare so the federal government is in charge of our healthcare.” Cruz went on to say, “If you’re afraid of Megyn Kelly, then you’re going to be afraid of Hillary Clinton and you’re going to be afraid of Vladimir Putin. If you’re afraid to have anyone ask a question, that does not bode well for what kind of commander in chief you’d make.”[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adversal-468×60″]