Two Injured, Including an Officer in Centennial Campground Shootout

On Thursday, the man who exchanged gunfire with APD officers on Wednesday, 33-year-old Iese Gali JR, was charged with Attempted Murder of a Police Officer I, Assault of a Police Officer I and III, and Weapons Misconduct III.

According to the police report, two officers were doing a security check at the Centennial Park Campground on Starview Drive on Wednesday evening and as they were patrolling, they spotted a pickup parked at a campsite that matched the description of a vehicle that had eluded police the day before.

The officers got out of their vehicle to speak with a man walking near the truck. But, as they approached, the suspect walked to a minivan that was parked nearby. As they ordered the man to stop, he instead got into the van. The two officers attempted to extricate the suspect from the van and during the struggle, the man later identified as Gali, produced a firearm and fired at the officers.

Gali’s gunfire injured one officer. The officers returned fire then radioed in for backup.

Additional officers and medics responded to the scene. Citizens nearby administered aid to the wounded officer and when other officers arrived on scene, they administered aid to Gali until medics arrived and took over.

Gali suffered multiple gunshot wounds but is expected to survive.

The wounded officer suffered serious injuries but is also expected to survive.

A $1,000,000 warrant on charges of Attempted Murder in the First Degree, Assault in the First Degree, Assault in the Third Degree, and Misconduct Involving a Weapon in the Third Degree was issued for Gali and once he is discharged from the hospital he will be remanded to the Anchorage Jail.

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Witnesses at the scene cooperated and gave statements to investigators.

“Per policy, the state’s Office of Special Prosecutions (OSP) will review the officer’s use of force and determine whether or not it was justified. Once that has been completed, APD Internal Affairs will review the officer’s actions to confirm whether or not there was any violation of policy. As per APD practice, the officers will be placed on four days of administrative leave. Their names will be released publicly 72 hours after the incident,” APD stated.

According to APD, “If convicted, Gali Jr. faces a maximum possible sentence of 99 years for the charge of attempted murder in the first degree, 20 years for the charge of assault in the first degree, and 5 years for the charges of assault in the third degree and misconduct involving weapons in the third degree.”