Two Interior Snow Machiners Rescued after a Night on Foot

Two Interior Alaska men were rescued in a successful Search and Rescue on Wednesday after being lost and on foot overnight for over 12 hours, the trooper dispatch revealed on Wednesday.

According to the report, at 10:30 am, the Fairbanks-based Alaska State Troopers were notified via a 911 call that 45-year-old George Claffy of Fairbanks and 57-year-old Samuel Bridges of North Pole were lost and walking after their snow machines became disabled.

The caller reported that the two men had broke down at approximately 8 pm on Tuesday night and had set out on foot, but became lost.

HELO 2 was dispatched from Fairbanks and soon located the two trekkers. After being picked up, the men were transferred to a waiting ambulance.

Claffy and Bridges “were cold but otherwise in good spirits,” troopers stated.