Two Kayakers near Chichagof Island Rescued by USCG

The U.S. Coast Guard cite the use of personal locator beacon by one of two kayakers that lead to the successful conclusion of a USCG search and rescue mission in southeast Alaska on Saturday.

Watchstanders at the 17th District Command Center picked up the signal from a personal locator beacon on Saturday. The signal sent by a kayaker that had gotten separated from his companion in deteriorating weather near Chichagof Island.

The information was relayed to Sector Juneau, and dual MH-60 Jayhawk choppers were launched out of Sitka to take up the search.

The twin Jayhawks located both kayakers and conducted hoists, transporting the two to Sitka.

“This is a great example of the importance of having a personal locator beacon on you when participating in activities on Alaska’s waters,” said Petty Officer 1st Class Jared Buchmiller, 17th District watchstander.   “The kayakers realized their situation had the potential of becoming dangerous and became proactive so rescuers could reach them before their situation worsened.”[xyz-ihs snippet=”Adsense-responsive”]