Two Wasilla Mail Thieves Arrested after Stealing Mail from Mailboxes Saturday Evening

Alaska State Troopers say that they took two suspects in custody on several charges of Theft II on Saturday evening after receiving calls from multiple individuals that the suspects were going through mailboxes and taking mail in the Wasilla area late Saturday afternoon.

At 4:37 pm on Saturday, AST was alerted by a citizen in Wasilla that “they were watching a male and female walking down a Wasilla road taking mail from mailboxes,” Troopers reported. Following that initial call, another call came in shortly after as troopers were en route by another citizen reporting the same thing.

When troopers arrived at the scene, the two suspects were gone. But, troopers would soon find a female hiding in the woods, then they would locate the male suspect walking on a nearby street. The two suspects were identified as Corey Cottrell, 31 years old, and Janette Salmon, 37 years old, both of Wasilla.

A search warrant was soon issued for their bags and AST would find mail from numerous mailboxes that included tax documents with Personally Identifiable Information and checks, along with drug paraphernalia.

Cottrell and Salmon were both charged with five counts of Theft II and transported to Mat-Su Pretrial where they were remanded on the charges.