U.S. Customs Removes Mexican National from Cruise Ship for Deportation

image06-05-2014 15.54.06US customs officials escorted a Mexican national who was serving as a crew member aboard the cruise ship Celebrity Millennium in preparation of deporting him back to Mexico, the trooper dispatch reports.

After an investigation following a call at 10:30 AM on Wednesday, Ketchikan-based Alaska State Troopers with the assistance of U.S. Customs, escorted the Mexican national from the ship.

According to the trooper report on the trooper dispatch, “the assault reportedly occurred at the disco bar while the ship was underway in Icy Straits after leaving Skagway on May 24th.”

The troopers reported that they “interviewed both victims, an Indonesian male and a Jamaican male, and found no injuries were sustained by either of the men during the altercation.”

Despite no charges being filed, the suspect was detained in Ketchikan in preparation for deportation back to Mexico.